I can hardly bring myself to write this, but it must be written hopefully these memoirs can offer some form or function if anyone should read this. Viktor, Jack, and I set out for the Greggs house in Ipswich from the lead we got on Brian Burnham. They are a nice bunch Evelyn and Garth had us on for tea and let us on to all they had known and let us search Brian’s room. It was clear the police had already done an search of the room, but half heartedly at best, most likely due to Brian’s past criminal record. We found a bill from where he worked Paid. W. Billingham 503 Adams.
On the back is a message. “Tonight is the night. Love R.” the writer has used little hearts to dot the I’s. I assume the rumors were true then Brian did have an accomplice. Jack decided we should plunge head first into the case and made such haste that we neglected to buy a map and ended up having to drive back to Ipswich where… We decided to wait for the others to accompany us to the town of Innsmouth due to the rumors surrounding it. That is when Jack became agitated and things quickly became hostile. Jack attempted to gain control of the automobile from Viktor and I and held me hostage at gunpoint. Viktor charged in disarming Jack and knocking him to the floor, each exchanging blows for sometime. Jack broke free of the scuffle as we sprinted to the car and left him there on the road outside of Ipswich. We havn’t heard hide nor hair of him, but we did hear a rumor of a man matching his description riding a bike on the only road to Innsmouth…



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