The Hook

Viktor, Audrey, and I were making a bootleg drop, a place near Arkham one of the bigger speak easies the type of place the lawmen find themselves on the weekends. We had just unloaded the drop when who do we find there none other than Sal Mencini. We greeted in our typical fashion by getting into a bar fight and gulping down booze. We met a new associate named Tyr he seemed like an alright fellow on the take of course, but quite a party animal. I walked out for a cigarrette when two Hermetic order goons came in guns ablazzing. “Damn how’d they find us” I thought we covered our tracks, but apparently the order has more ways than one to skin a cat. We waxed them quickly, but the commotion was bound to draw the coppers we all crammed into sal’s speedster and made off like bandits.

A few miles down the way Some idiot almost Plowed into us narrowly missing a head on collision Sal stamped down on the brakes as the other car smashed into the guard railing on our right. The lunatic fell out of his automobile and started babeling about some kid named Brian a grocery store and some robbery and just as mysteriously as he made an entrance he was running into town. We searched his car and found some invoices and his registration one Arthur Anderson and address.
The cops just happened to be passing by and saw the commotion as we were still investigating the car.
NOT very smoothly we talked our way outta answering more questions as the cop drove the broken vehicle slowly towards town.
We all had a long debate and figured why not check out what happened having dropped the load we were free to do as we liked. Sal and Viktor had to go phone in with his chicago contacts so for the time being it was just Tyr Audrey and I.
We explored arkham for a good while though the hour was late and most of the shops closed we stopped by the faculty club for a drink to ponder things over.
We decided since Anderson was on his way there anyway to stop by the police station through some conversational grease and a flash of the ol pinkerton badge we were able to find out more apparently Anderson ran to the station and spouted off some weird story about a Brian Burnham and how he was missing we snuck a peek at his criminal records and apparently he has a long list of misdemeanors. Lady luck be with us today as we found his.. or should I say his parents address. Wasting no time we Knocked on their door at a brisk one o’clock in the morning.

William Burnham Answered the door grumpily and we introduced ourselves as the police though skeptical he and his wife margorie allowed us inside. We learned that Brian had just taken a job as a manager for a small store in a town called Innsmouth and that Brian had moved in with a family in ipswich they also told us of their pastor Dr. Ezekiel Wallace and how he warned Brian specifically not to join any of the churches in innsmouth. We ended our conversation around six in the morning and set out to find Ezekiel Wallace.

While we were crossing College street to the church Audrey stopped us with a newspaper article involving Arthur Anderson and how he tried searching his store for Brian, but found strange evidence. Regardless we made for the church.

The Good Doctor showed us more than we bargained for fish worshipers, all sorts of devils and relics. The most disturbing of the artifacts were two peculiar paintings of fish people engaging in everyday activities as if they had been there all along among us. Ever since that night at Gatsby’s skepticism has taken some what of a backseat and I don’t know what to believe anymore.



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